Wednesday, July 25, 2007

here are a couple of others i wrote down.... still on dat trip......


Unheard….. unseen it grows
That little flower
So exquisite… so unique
Still no one knows
About that hidden beauty
It grows day by day….
Its face towards that window…
Your house in sight..
Looking towards you…..
Even at night…..
Giving it mysterious life
The solitary flower blooms
Destined to waste its beauty
On empty wishful nights
One sunny morning
Finally you noticed
Your face was so near
When you said
"look at this beautiful thing…
Damn I'll have to pull it out
It's just an unwanted weed
In the manicured garden
Of my planned dreams"
As its lying on the ground
Dying in solitude…unseen
Now why does my heart bleed?
Its not as if……
It was love…..
It was just ……..a pretty weed.


Always taught
To think before you speak
To wait for your turn
To let the other person finish
Before you start talking….
Isn't it an irony
That none of it matters
when it really does….

I was waiting…
For your broken heart to heal
Hoping my friendship
Would make you forget
All the hurt you had to hide.
All the loneliness of your heart
would be filled with memories
sweet and eternal
like our first kiss…..

I was waiting….
For you to feel
What was slowly unfolding
Unknown to me
Inside my heart
What could only be… a silly thing
And I brushed it aside
Maybe it's just a phase
And it would pass.

I was waiting….
For you to finish speaking
So that I could say
The things ...unsaid…
But you told me once
Sometime things lose their value
When put in words
So I believed….
In the silent promise
In the quiet declaration
Of our love
Trusted you
Like a part of my own

I was waiting…..
For the glorious moment
When your would realize
Beyond doubt….
When nothing would stop you
From saying it aloud….
Waiting for you to
Say the things
My heart longed to hear

I was waiting……
But you were waiting too
For the right time
To tell me things
So as to not hurt me
As you walk away
With someone else
I ask myself
Didn't I wait enough?
Did I ever give up on you?
Why do I still wait at that corner?
Where you left me standing….
My hand is still warm
with your touch……

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Thoughts.... said...

Sometimes...the best things in life happen after we have waited long enough for them...